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This section is about men generally, perceptions of, masculinity, gender etc within society. All links are to third party sites which I come across in my casual searching and interest on mens rights and issues even if they do not apply directly to me in my life. As I say right at the start on my front page to this site I am Egalitarian. This page has been on my site since 19th December 2015.


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My Introduction: Mens Rights/Issues

As a man I do feel very strongly with societies attitude towards the label of male gender under the modern era of no discrimination, inequality etc certainly since around the year 2000. Past attitudes towards women, still to this day in certain quarters, certainly needed changing from the past and I have always been brought up as such and my parents have always behaved as such. My parents are early 1940's, I am early 1960's. I do not agree with labelling men these days, even all men as some state, with the behaviour of men from the past and because in certain quarters some men still live in the past. Remember, society had strict expectations on both genders attitudes and expectations as too their respective standings and behaviour within society. Items now and in the past such as domestic abuse, rape, murders, mostly mens traits but also a fair few womens and increasingly so in this modern era are a no, no, for me both then and now but we are dealing with humans, its nature. Society may have changed dramatically as the millenia pass but human nature of greed, power, dominance, pursuit of wealth and position at what ever cost to others certainly hasn't.

As a man I feel very strongly that the discussions which affect men as well as women are not inclusive of men. These include access to children, divorce rights, domestic violence, sexual crimes, employment rights etc and are not shown equal consideration for all even if men have a smaller proportion as victims in these areas. Homelessness and suicides are clearly male dominanted as regards victims and genitle mutilation affects both women and men. Even as at 2017 earlier complaints by mens rights groups that reports on issues that affect both men and women 'airbrush men' out and in January 2017 same complaints were raised after official statistics on homelessness reported by the BBC had a category for females, under 25, from EU countries and Non EU countries with no mens category which equates to 88% of all homelessness. With male genitle mutilation at times it is required but the vast majority of it is purely cultural and religous and not necessary. Even the UK NHS states it is not a requirement unless a medical condition states otherwise. Likewise certain medical conditions that are either all male or mostly male do not seem to get the same degree of attention as all or mostly womens. Sexual crimes against boys, mostly from men does not get the same level of discussion as for girls yet boys are the larger victims. Kidnapping of girls in other countries by terrorists are highlighted far more than boys kidnapping. Many boys freely join, but a lot of boys are brasin washed and forced to become young fighters by these terroist groups but not mentioned in discussions. Plights of victims in war torn countries are 99% women and children, yet many men are victims and not part of the wars. Allowances are now called for for more understanding of female perpatrators of crime, even questioning if female perpatrators should go to prison as it affects theirs and their childrens lives but  not for men. Discussions take place for female children suffering due to poverty and lack of opportuinities yet boys have the same disadvantages in same families, in fact society makes boys and increasing more so in modern society, girls as well, to become disenfranchised and turn to crime and gangs.

I am also noting as time goes by society, media, in education, are promoting women, their issues yet either ignore mens or make a token gesture. Men and boys on the whole these days are labelled very negativily as a whole to a point it makes many come to the conclusion all men are not good for society and be avoided, yet women on the whole have a pedastol status. There is a hashtag on Twitter #KillAllMen. Not all men behave correctly in society but many of the negative behaviours attached to them are done by many, many women. I accept certain areas of criminality men are the main perpatrators, but most victims of crime in the UK are men and many issues suffered by women are also suffered by many men.


Specific Third Party Sites


Inside Man - A Site highlighting issues for both men and boys. Has many interesting and factual articles.

Mankind Initiative - A site helping men escape domesic abuse. Has interesing factual statistics on the subject. - A site helping men who have suffered sexual abuse.

Survivors UK - A site helping men who have suffered sexual abuse.

MendoComplain - A site to stop male genital mutilation.

Equality4Men - Committed to living in a world that works for all men.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) - A site dedicated to preventing male suicide.

NewFathers4Justice - A site campaigning for fathers rights.

International Mens Day - A site that promotes and co-ordinates IMD

Helping Men - A site delivering personal and professional training empowering men and boys

UK Mens Day - International Mens Day

Mens Movement - A site promoting transformative education online and off line.

The Good Men Project - a site promoting "A conversation no one else is having"

One Mans Perspective - promoting mens issues

Stay Brave UK - Exist to bring a voice for survivors of any gender from violation and abuse

Mankind Counselling - Susex Charity providing counselling and support for men who have experienced sexual abuse or assult as boys or men




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General Articles

 11 Ways a Man is Successful - 24th December 2017.

An interesting article that I think does not demean men but simply implies you are still a man showing compassion. Item one could be better worded but I read it as not walking away from a job that costs your soul but simply swap jobs. There is more to life than a stressful job just because you feel the need to satisfy society with lifestyle and expectations. I walked from a pressure job for me, into a world of self employment within gardens. My wife and I still have cars and holidays just not the flamboyant talking pieces at parties and gatherings. We dine out and attend theaters, just avoid Micheline style and shows that do not appeal to us regardless of critic comments on the show itself. No doubt some in society demote us for this but that is their problem.

How to Raise a Sweet Son in a Era of Angry Men - 4th December 2017

Masculinity Isn't Toxic - Our Attitudes to it Are - 8th May 2016

The Confused Male: Do Women Really Want What They Say They Want? - 3rd May 2016

Now That I have Checked my Male Privilege - 19th December 2015

A Mans Mission for Manhood: a Legacy for Little Boys - 19th December 2015

Why Manning Up is the Worst Thing to Do - 3rd December 2015

The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Mens Lives is a Killer - 4th November 2015

Dear Young Men: The Old Stereotypes of What it is to be a Man Are a Load of Rubbish - 5th October 2014


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